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Gone with the wind

Don't look back (you can make a difference)

Onkruid vergaat niet

A hundred pieces of me

My old coat

What are you waiting for

Walk alone
sound track

Me before you

sound track

sound track

Bass Groove 19
fretless bass groove - Youtube

Bass Song 1
melody & chords - Youtube

Bass Groove 3

Funky fretless bass groove

Bass Groove 7
Rock groove

Bass Groove 7 solo
Rock groove met bas solo

Bass Groove 11
Motown/rock groove

Bass Groove 19
Fretless bass groove

Bass Groove 23
Poppy bass groove - synth bass

Bass Groove 2
Funky bass groove - synth bass

Bass Groove 18
Synthy bass groove - synth bass

Dit ben ik

Joy of life

performed by Fairocious

I can´t
performed by Fairocious

Just a friend
composed by Fairo, performed by Fairocious

performed by Fairo & Guests

Don't wake
performed by Fairo & Guests


performed by Fairo & Guests